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Retirement Planning

A financial planner cannot help you with your retirement plan. The retirement plan is the answer to the question “ what are you going to do when you quit work?” Here are two extreme examples of retirement plans.


Example A (True Story)

“We want to sell the house, sell the cottage, and buy a 50 foot sail boat. We plan to sail the north channel of Lake Huron in the summer; then sail to the Caribbean in the winter where we will teach English as a second language.”


Example B (True Story)

“I want to buy a satellite TV dish so that I’ll never miss another televised sporting event.”

These two retirement plans will require very different financial plans!

The retirement plan will answer the following questions:

  • When will you retire?
  • Where will you live?
  • How will you spend your time?
  • How will your lifestyle change? Will you work in retirement?
  • Will you travel? Will your vehicle situation change?
  • Will your social circle change?

If your response is something like “how can i answer these questions until I know what i can afford”, then you need a solid financial plan.