Client Statements

John’s Philosophy

John applies the planning process to four related but distinctly different areas:

  • The Financial Plan How much money will we need? Where will it come from?
  • The Retirement Plan What will we do in retirement?
  • The Estate Plan How will our assets be distributed after we’re gone?
  • The Investment Plan How should we organize our finances such that both our need for growth and our tolerance for investment risk are considered?


Objectives must be specified for each of these areas and time frames must be indicated where necessary. Sophisticated financial planning software is used to create a comprehensive written financial plan. Living expenses and sources of income are mapped out far into the future, giving clients a good idea of what they can expect in retirement. The software is very flexible and allows John to run many different scenarios, when combined with sound advice, the written financial plan becomes a powerful tool for helping clients with a wide variety of financial decisions.

John’s Commitment…

John is committed to providing real value for clients. He believes that the planning process can and should be an enjoyable experience and that good financial planning can free clients from financial worry.