Client Statements

Experience and Income and Expense Modelling

The Importance of Experience

A crucial piece of the personal finance puzzle is the use of a professional with years of experience. John Armstrong has been licensed since 1987. When he first started he was 22 years old and had very little life experience. John has now been licensed in the financial services industry for close to 30 years. He has 4 employees, has been married for close to 28 years, and has three children. He has built a successful financial planning practice in a competitive landscape by doing things differently.

He has also helped build a financial services enterprise called Armstrong and Quaile, giving him insights into family business, and the interplay of business and family values.

Over the years there has been a continual evolution of advice, honed by the years of life experience.

Through all of that, John’s passion for helping people wade through the maze of money related issues shone through. With the recent sale of Armstrong & Quaile and the elimination of his head office role, he can now focus exclusively on his passion for helping people through his financial planning practice.

He is looking very forward to continuing his client relationships and starting new relationships with many more people.

Income and Expense Modelling – Researching your future

There is an important concept that is best described as researching your future. Sophisticated planning software plays a big role in his. Understanding the path you are on and where current spending habits and savings habits will take you is critical. If you do not like where your current path is leading, small changes in behavior can often make a big difference over time. The brilliant graphical interface provided by the planning software dovetailed with years of experience allows people to understand their own financial situation. If the future is not to their liking, the behavior changes needed are much easier to achieve over time through consistent advice and process.